Black Diamonds - a Celebration of Unique Beauty!

black and white diamond earringsAs black as a moonless night sky - black diamond jewelry possesses a crisp elegance that looks just as good dressed up for a night out on the town as it does lounging around in your favorite pair of jeans. Shopping for a gift? Diamonds are the birthstone for April, and don't forget - diamonds are also a girl's best friend!

Whether you're picking out your first piece of black diamond jewelry or your twenty-first, or selecting something for someone special, we offer an informative, one-stop shopping experience for these beautiful, midnight-colored diamonds. Our goal is to help you find jewelry styles you love at the prices you want, along with the information you need to make a smart purchase, like our new comprehensive guide to buying black diamond stud earrings, with charts, illustrations, calculators, and helpful tips!


On a Budget?

In today's economic climate, it seems everyone's a little cautious about spending much on life's little luxuries. With that in mind, in addition to our more extravagant finds, we set out bargain hunting for the best values on affordable jewelry featuring scrumptious black diamonds. What we found may surprise you!. Check it out.

What are Black Diamonds?

From designer jewelry showrooms to your favorite TV shopping network - black diamond jewelry is in high demand! These diamonds seem to be everywhere these days, the new-found darling of jewelry designers and customers alike. It's hard to believe that little over a decade ago black colored diamonds, other than certain notable specimens, were disdainfully labeled "carbons" and seldom seen in jewelry collections, let alone everyday jewelry shops!

black and white diamond ringEnigmatic and beautiful,a natural black diamond is a stone like no other. The diamond is the hardest stone on earth - and due to it's internal structure, black diamonds are even harder than other diamonds! Instead of reflecting a playful sparkle of light, they absorb it, bouncing light off their well-polished surfaces in the same manner as cool, black marble.

Even the origin of these ebony hued gems is surrounded in mystery, appearing to have arisen from the surface of the Earth instead of deep inside it's mantle like other diamonds.. Were they all created in the same way? Are they the product of some unusual event of extreme force like a meteorite crashing into Earth? Or are they, as some scholars suggest, a mineral with extraterrestrial origins - perhaps deposited on Earth by a chance encounter with a passing asteroid?

Our Black Diamond FAQ examines these and other controversies and offers answers to some other commonly-asked questions about the black diamond's origin and characteristics, as well as its use in fine jewelry.


Black DiamondLearn More!

How well do you know your black diamonds? Read about some of the largest and most famous natural black diamonds ever, from the Amsterdam Diamond to the mysterious and legendary Black Orlov to the little-known River Styx. Or take a brief look at the history of the use of black diamonds in jewelry - this precious gemstone didn't always get the respect it deserved!