Black Diamond Jewelry Under $150

Can you afford black diamonds when you need to live cheap? Color treated black diamonds are usually less expensive than their white counterparts of similar carat weight. We found lots of inexpensive yet attractive rings,stackable rings, earrings and pendants featuring enhanced black "midnight" diamonds set in sterling silver and 10kt gold for under $150. Indulge yourself or someone you love without breaking your budget! Stud earrings are also very affordable, with many 1/4 to 1/3 ctw styles in this price range.

Note that some items shown here, especially those under $50, may be diamond accent jewelry. What is Diamond Accent Jewelry? - items fashioned to look like pave diamond jewelry but which actually have just one very small, unfaceted diamond - what my Grandma used to call a "diamond chip." Read the descriptions. Pieces with multiple/faceted diamonds will list the item's total carat weight (ctw).